Marriage and Couples Counseling

with Edie Stone, MA, LPC, in Boulder, Colorado.

Helping couples reconnect and deepen their relationships since 1997.

Is your relationship in trouble?

  • Are you experiencing either increasing conflict, or more distance and isolation?
  • Do you long for the connection and love you used to feel in your marriage?
  • Are you afraid you are headed for a break-up or divorce?

No matter what level of distress you are feeling, couples counseling or marriage therapy can help you move forward.

I offer private sessions, workshops, and personal seminars to help you resolve issues and revitalize your relationship. Please call 303-415-3755 to schedule a free consultation.

I understand … it can be difficult to reach out for help. Perhaps you feel embarrassed or anxious about discussing problems in your relationship. Or you may be angry and can hardly talk to each other. Or perhaps you feel isolated or hopeless.

But you will feel better if you explore couples or marriage counseling now, gain some insight and skills, and begin to change the painful patterns you are experiencing.

Just like going to a dentist, most people delay, hoping that something will somehow change in their relationship. Research shows that most couples wait too long before seeking help … about six years too long.

Most folks are somewhat anxious when they first come in, but they quickly find that couples counseling is not as bad as pulling teeth! I will offer emotional support for both of you, in my comfortable, informal office space.

We will start by looking at some positives, as well as the main issues that you are struggling with. Over the next few weeks, I will share skills to help you communicate more effectively. I will also give you tools to reduce conflict and increase emotional connection.

I will help you untangle the long-standing patterns that you are struggling with. You will receive insight and healing for deeper issues.

Please call 303-415-3755 or email me to schedule a free initial consultation. I offer private, confidential marriage and couples counseling sessions. You can also check out my relationship skills workshops and private seminars, below.

I can help you transform your relationship

from looking like this

Angry silence creates worry and emotional distance between this couple

to looking like this

Happy couple after counseling session

Benefits of marriage counseling or couples counseling.

With some information, feedback and practice, you can learn to:

  • reduce conflict
  • improve communication
  • revitalize attraction
  • renew commitment
  • deepen intimacy
  • have more fun as a couple

The basic skills, plus some work with your own issues, can usually be learned in 4 to 8 sessions of couples counseling.

Deeper benefits of marriage therapy or couples therapy:

If you have deeper personal issues, or a longer history of conflict or emotional distance as a couple, it is well worth the investment of time and resources to engage in a longer course of marriage therapy.

  • reawaken empathy, compassion, and true love
  • discover your attachment styles and how to repair early attachment wounds
    • are you a wave, an island, or an anchor?
  • get to know and befriend your primitive and higher defenses, and those of your partner
  • untangle the dynamics of those annoying patterns and conflicts which keep happening over and over again (infinite emotional allergy loops)
  • understand the roots of stuck or dysfunctional behaviors
    • often they come from family-of-origin patterns or previous relationships
    • sometimes they come from trauma, which can be addressed with EMDR
  • develop a conscious, co-committed relationship
  • discover how conscious relationship can be a deeper path to personal and spiritual growth

Schedule a private consultation by calling me at 303-415-3755 or emailing me at

Benefits of relationship workshops:

In When Chocolate isn’t Enough … Secrets for Successful Relationships, you will both learn to:

  • develop healthy communication skills
  • enjoy easy stress management and relaxation skills
  • deepen relationship skills
  • implement conflict management skills
    • learn how to pause a heated conversation
    • decide for yourself when to take a time out
  • create a more caring and conscious relationship

In Relationship Skills for Geeks … and Those Who Love Them,  you will both learn:

  • all of the above, plus:
  • strategies for couples where one partner lives in his/her head and the other relates from his/her heart and intuition
  • information on the neurobiology of relationship, and where to learn more
  • the effect of early attachment patterns on adult relationship styles
    • are you an island or are you a wave?
    • yes, opposites attract … and later annoy each other … and they can learn to appreciate each other’s strengths and negotiate their differences

Benefits of private seminars:

Private Relationship Seminars cover the material you most need in the time frame that suits you best. Seminars are best suited for couples who:

  • are ready to move forward to improve their relationship
  • desire the skills offered in the workshops, but prefer a private setting
  • all levels:
    • are new to couples therapy, and want to have the best results in the shortest time
    • have some training using relationship skills and want to learn more
    • have some experience in using relationship skills, but have lost their edge and want to review or improve implementation
  • have different work schedules or are coming from a distance

Please call me at 303-415-3755 to schedule a consultation if you are interested in a private seminar.

Couples Workshops and Relationship Seminar schedules:

Workshops are usually four weekday evenings, scheduled weekly or every other week.

Private relationship seminars are half-day or full day sessions, scheduled at your convenience.

Please call me at 303-415-3755 if you are interested in scheduling time to improve your relationship. I look forward to working with you.